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genomesport™is a whole genome test:
go further genotyping arrays

nowgenome™ low-pass whole genome sequencing technology delivers highly accurate variant calls across the whole genome

unlike common array-based genetic tests, with nowgenome™ we sequence and analyze your whole genome, using low pass technology, and our imputation and analysis software transforms sequencing reads into over 99% accurate variant calls across the whole genome

> 50x
more data than genotyping arrays
like 23andme

polygenic risk score calculations


> 99%
accurate variant calls across the whole genome

new variant discovery, CNV analysis, GWAS


library preparation

our library preparation method was developed specifically for low-pass sequencing, it is automated, resource efficient, and requires low amounts of input DNA



we perform low-pass shotgun sequencing using the latest Illumina technology, and this results in an average of 50 times more measurements per genome than genotyping technologies


imputation & data analysis

we use imputation algorithms for sequencing data to call variants across the whole genome with high accuracy (average imputation r2 over 0.9), and, additionally, our standard data analysis includes ancestry and microbiome profiling of every sample

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